9 Fitness and Health Gift Ideas 2020

TodayI’ll be sharing 9 gift ideas for health and fitness. These are great giftsfor friends and family, or if you just want to treat yourself, I won’t judge.Workout enthusiasts and fitness lovers strap in and get ready aswe’ll be talking about the things like the Oura Ring, the Polar H10 and plentymore.

Coming up! Hi, welcome to Practical Health, Andrey ishere, and in this post, I’ll be sharing the list of health and fitness devicesthat I’ve been using myself on a regular basis. I believe they’re the bestin their niches, so I can comfortably and confidently recommend them to you. I putlinks to all these products in the comment section below. For number 1we’re starting off basic – Withings Body Cardio.

This is a great device formeasuring weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. The Withings Body Cardio is the key part of my bathroom’s feng shui, and it pairs witha smartphone app called Health Mate where I can check my results. This app iswell designed and one of the favorite applications on my iPhone. Number two is the Oura Ring. This is a wearable ring that tracks my daily Activity, Readiness,and Sleep information.

Statistic geeks like me will love the Oura Ring as itcatalogues a ton of sleep-related indicators such as deep sleep, REM,respiratory rate, HIV and resting heart rate among and a number of other things.The interface is great and it’s likely the most accurate sleep device on the markettoday. Approximately one third of our lives is spent asleep, so tracking the quality of our sleep is incredibly important A video all about the importance of sleepand its various ins and outs is coming up soon on this channel stay tuned. Let’scontinue – number 3, the Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor.

The device serves thepurpose of accurately monitoring your heart rate while engaging in activitieslike running, cycling or any other type of exercise. This is a great device forindividuals at all levels from fitness enthusiasts all the way up to professionalathletes. A valuable point in the Polar H10’s favor is that when paired withthe iPhone, it can estimate your VO2max, which I’ll talk a bit more about lateron in this video. Moving on to number 4 we have the Apple Watch.

This issurely the best known product on the list. It has been on the market for quitesome time at this point, but if you’ve never picked one up, there are somefitness related features that might change your mind. In addition to being a sleek and functional watch, the Apple Watch canalso accurately measure your heart rate and activity level. Number 5 isanother Withings product – Whitings BPM Connect.

This is a blood pressure monitorthat measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as heart rate. Idon’t find myself using the BPM Connect as often as the Body Cardio, but it isquite useful for periodically checking my blood pressure. One big point in favorof these two Withings products is that they are multi user friendly, meaning anyfamily members or guests can use them as well Number 6 is the Upright Go 2 device that measures the quality of yourposture and tracks improvements.

I know that I have a tendency to slouch fromtime to time and the Upright Go 2 helps you to fix this problem. Use this devicein conjunction with the Upright Go smartphone app to track all kinds ofhelpful posture-related data. Number 7 is that Dexcom G6. This is a continuousblood glucose monitor that measures blood sugar every five minutes.

This device has really helped me understand my body’s reaction to various types offoods. There is a video all about blood glucose levels right here at Practical Health, be sure to check it out. Briefly on my learnings, there is a ridiculousamount of sugar hidden in all kinds of supposedly “healthy” foods. It’s kind ofdepressing. One note – most of the items on the list are tracking devices becausedata is extremely important in regards to making healthy choices.

One of myfavorite quotes comes from Peter Drucker who says “If you can’t measure it, youcan’t manage it.” And all the electronic devices on my list are Wi-Fi orBluetooth enabled, this is a critical requirement. We want all of our databeing accurately recorded, so that we can go back and analyze it later on. It canbe emphasized enough how important data is in taking necessary actions with ourdaily routines. Okay, let’s move on. Number 8 – Nike Vaporfly Next. This is a solid pair of running shoes, probably the hottest kicks of the year.

I’ve been using these myselfand saw a clear improvement in my running performance straight away. These are seriously impressive shoes And finally at number 9we have blue light blocking glasses. Blue light from digital devices causes eyestrain and can disrupt a good sleep cycle Blue light blocking glasses workto prevent these negative effects. Similar to the Oura ring we’re talkingabout the product that improves the roughly one third of our lives that wespend sleeping.

I picked myself up a simple pair of blue light blockingglasses on Amazon for ten dollars, but there are plenty of fancy models out there like the glasses from Gunnar Optics or Swanwick. That was my list of holiday fitness and health gift ideas. Additionally, I would like to share somefitness and health tests that I’ve been doing myself and find quite useful.First up is a VO2max test. This is used to measure your maximum oxygenconsumption and is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascularfitness and aerobic endurance.

There are different ways to attain an estimateusing your running heart rate as a basis, but this estimate is no substitution forthe hardcore data of the actual test. You can do a simple Google search tofind a VO2Max lab next to you. Next up are our food sensitivity tests. I tried it out EverlyWell and learned my sensitivity to 96 different types of foods. Theresults were not quite as actionable as I had wanted but certainly interestingat the very least. There are a number of food sensitivity tests that you canpurchase online.

And lastly, I wanted to share that the DEXA scan. This is thethe most accurate way to measure fat, bone mass and bone mineral density. Similar to the VO2Max test, a quick googling will help you to find a DEXA scan lab closestto you.

Those were nine holiday health and fitness gift ideas for friends andfamily or for yourself plus a couple of test recommendations. I hope I’ve given you at least a couple of good gift ideas but I might be missing somegreat products.

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