Anti Aging Foods For Skin Care | 5 Awesome food for healthy skin

Hello everyone In this i am gonna tell you about 5 Super awesome food 90 % of people don’t know about there Benifits And if you have wrinkles on your face And you have unhealthy skin And your skin have ageing effects at early age.

Let get started Lets talk about 1st food This food is rich in iron and vitamin k And is awesome and healthy too Iron deficiency cause anaemia Iron deficiency leds to low hemoglobin Low hemoglobin leds to less oxygen supply to body And whic ultimately effects your skin and face skin Which finally leads to unwanted wrinkles and ageing effects.

And finally cause unhealthy skin If u want to keep your skin healthy then plz take adequate amount of iron in ur diet Oregano what i think is super food. Oregano is a super amazing food product And is rich in iron and vitamin k Is rich in iron and vitamin k and is awesome food product Oregano is used in pizza and pasta etc, and is easily available in market And is high is lron content Daily body requirement of iron in body is 15mg/day Oregano provide you 2mgof iron per 5gm.

For full fill daily requirement of iron we need 500gm of spanich every day To fulfill you daily requirement of iron As oregano provide the whole daily iron requirement just is 5 to 6 spoon So oregano will fulfill ur daily requirement just in few spoons Oregano also have lotz of Antioxidants and minerals So plz include oregano in your dite every day as possible Is healthy and effective.

Lets talk abt 2nd food and is rich in omega 3 fatty acid. And is amazing source of omega 3 fatty acid Lets talk abt role of omega 3 fatty acid on our body Omega 3 fatty acid provide strength to you heart And on skin Omega 3 fatty acid have magical effect on skin Omega 3 fatty acid stops ageing of cells And promote formation of healthy cell.

And provide strength to old cells of body and skin So omega 3 fatty acid is very essential for your health and skin Omega 3 fatty acid mainly originate for non veg items like fish Lever And the best source of omega 3 fatty acid is flax seeds Plz include flex seeds in your diet And is better the omega 3 fatty acid produced from fish liver And in very high quality you will get omega 3 fatty acid from flex seeds ……

If you want to fulfill your daily requirement of omega 3 fatty acid Then you have to eat approximately 500gm of salmon fish But only 1/4 cup of flex seed is enough For fulfilling your daily requirement of omega 3 fatty acid So plz include flex seeds in your diet Benifits of flex seeds are just awesome Antioxidants, high in protein High in fiber And flex seeds are best for those who want to lose weight.

So plz include flex seeds in your diet Lets talk abt 3rd super awesome food And is awesome source of vitamin A, and is just amazing Vitamin A is good for our skin And is must for our eyes And also help to regenerate healthy cell of skin and body Slow down cell death Reduce ageing effects on skin Reduce wrinkles on face.

Lets talk abt which food is rich source of vitamin A If we eat 200 bananas then Daily requirement of Vitamin A will fulfill But only 1 sweet potato will do the job for you Sweet potato will fulfill your Daily requirement of Vitamin A And will definitely help in reducing ageing effects on skin Wrinkles will vanish by using sweet potato.

So use it regularly In you diet and sweet potato and it hv Magical effect on skin Lets talk abt 4th food This food is rich source of vitamin C Vitamin C is very important for your skin Vitamin C heal body cells and tissue Help in to healing up body It also reduce wear and tear process of body It help lot on skin regeneration Fast forward the healing process of body and skin Aamla is very rich source of Vitamin C (Indian goosberry) If u eat only 1 aamla everyday.

Then your daily vitamin C requirement will fulfill And even extra amount of vitamin C you will get from 1 aamla 1 Aamla contains Vitamin C equals to 10 Oranges So just think how awesome is Aamla as a vitamin C source So to keep ur skin healthy olz eat aamla everyday Lets talk abt 5th food And is rich and copper and Selenium Copper and Selenium plays very important role for your skin and body Copper and Selenium lower down ageing Effect of body Promote Healthy tissues formation.

And also promote formation of collagen fiber in you body If we noticed that, kids have very good skin And skin is very soft and elastic And is due to collagen fiber So copper and Selenium promote formation of collagen fiber Collagen fiber keep your skin elastic and beautiful So olz take copper and Selenium in ur diet If you eat mushrooms daily or everyday in you diet And eat brazil nuts and your diet.

Then the whole day requirement od copper and Selenium will fulfill by these food So as a result you get healthy and beautiful skin So if u follow to eat these 5 food and include them in your diet Then definitely you would be able to get desired results on your skin Reduce ageing effects and wrinkles And your skin will become healthy day by day.

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