Can you Hack Your Biological Age?

There’s a Venn diagram on longevity. I was thinking about this this morning, andit goes into, of all the prevailing characteristics that we see in all of these different bluezones, what are the ones that overlap, that make people live a long time, that are consistentfrom culture to culture? We see a high intake of wild plants and legumes. And with the 18,000 different food groupsthat we’ve been able to consume each night at the wonderful buffet dinners, I’m prettysure we have that covered. I’m not quite positive because there wereabout 18 different unidentified salads, but I believe wild plants and legumes are covered.

Another one is low-level physical activityall day long. Based on my ring telling me I took about 36,000steps last night, I think I also have that one covered, too, although I’m feeling a littleworse for the wear because of that. But we’re all getting our physical activityand our low-level physical activity. Absence of smoking is another, and that’sanother thing that I see right here at A-Fest. Not a lot of folks smoking cigarettes. There are plenty of other things going aroundit seems but absence of smoking, asterisk. And then, finally… Yeah, trust me, I’m feeling it. Family, love, life, relationships, and I thinkwe’ve definitely got that covered.

This is my first A-Fest, and I have to sayI feel like I’m in the presence of family all day long while I’m here. So, this is amazing. So those five things, five things: wild plantintake, legume intake, not a lot of smoking, low-level physical activity, and family. We’ve got those down. We’re going to dive into a whole bunch ofmore stuff right now, though. So, a quick thing about me. By the way, I should mention if I’m goingtoo fast, everything I talk about is over at The slides, the notes, more articles, morepodcasts, a lot of ways for you guys to take a deep dive. So it’s A-Fest18. How did I get into this? I used to be a bodybuilder, 215% and 3% bodyfat. And this was my foray into trying to figureout how to get the most out of the human body and brain, being able to pose on stage, andI felt absolutely horrible.

You’re crapping out a straw, and you haveno sex drive, and you’re a big slab of meat that lays on the couch. But that was my foray into physical culturewas bodybuilding. And then I progressed to the next healthiestsport on the face of the planet, running around in the trees with my spandex on and ultra-enduranceevents. And that’s actually what I do now. I’m a professional obstacle course racer inaddition to sitting at home and writing posts about how to turn your butt on. I live alone with my wife who makes strangethings in the kitchen and sits around on her butt all day taking care of our two twin boysover there.

No, I’m just kidding. She actually works. She works pretty hard. And this is what I do. I spend a lot of time trying to figure outhow to combine ancestral science, wandering around the forest, finding the berries, andthe herbs, and the ancestor wisdom that informs us about longevity. And I combine that with a little dose of biohacking, meaning I’m completely open to the idea of better living through science, stickinglaser lights up your nose and wearing strange caps and doing a lot of things that I’ll teachyou about today so that you get that ultimate marriage of ancestral wisdom and modern scienceto enhance longevity.

So we’re going to dig into some of the thingsthat I’ve found lately to be the most exciting because I talk about a lot of stuff in mypodcast. Who here listens to my podcast? So, some of you have heard me talk about longevityand a lot of these tactics and bio hacks before, but I never liked to get up and talk abouta lot of stuff you could just go find in podcasts elsewhere. I want to talk about some of the things I’mdoing right now. Books I’ve read, techniques I’m using, newthings that are really moving the dial for me so that I give you good, fresh contentthat you can then take and implement. And, again, we’ll have a big Q&A at the breakoutsession afterward to take a deeper dive into this stuff.

What do I do now? I’m the CEO of a company called Keon, whereI take all of the formulations, and supplements, and knowledge that I learn in this longevity,health, and performance sector, and I use that to create formulations, create supplements. We’ve just launched two of the most populardrugs in the world. Coffee and a chocolate bar comes out thisweek. So I figured if nothing, if I have coffeeand chocolate, I’ll be able to survive the rest of my life, giving the world’s populationtheir drug of choice. That’s what I used to look like by the waybefore I started doing all this stuff. No, actually, seriously, I test my telomerelength.

I test my telomere length, which is a measurementof the average length of the telomeres that cap the DNA, in this case, in your white bloodcells. And when I first started doing a lot of thisstuff when I was 34, I tested my biological age. So I had a chronological age of 34, my biologicalage when I tested via telomeres was 37. And then I tested again when I was 35, andmy biological age had dropped to 36. My last test, and, again, this was implementedin a lot of the stuff I’m going to show you, at 36 years old, I had a biological age of20. That was my goal to get to by the time I was40 years old. So I’m ahead of the curve, but the idea thatyou can be at a chronological age but look, feel, and perform as though you’re at a muchyounger biological age is something we can attain and something we can test with telomerelength.

I’m going to teach you guys some of the thingsthat I did to do this over the past few years. So we’ll split this into three sections: howto optimize your mind, how to optimize your body, and how to optimize your spirit. I’m going to go over some of my most potenttips for each of these body, mind, and spirit as we go. So we’re going to start with mind, this conceptof balancing your neurotransmitters. Dopamine, serotonin, an inhibitory neurotransmitterthat helps you sleep called gamma-Aminobutyric acid, and acetylcholine. Those are some of your most important neurotransmitters. And there are certain things that you cando to keep these in balance. Who likes coffee or drinks coffee? All right, a lot of it. Big cup of coffee every morning.

Who knows one of the best ways that you canbalance your neurotransmitters and keep coffee from gradually depleting some of those excitatoryneurotransmitters and keeping you from doing things like sleeping, napping, relaxing, oravoiding that post-cup-of-coffee crash? What’s something you could add to coffee? Okay, heard a lot of chemicals get thrownout there. It’s Theanine, T-H-E-A-N-I-N-E. You add about 100 milligrams of that to acup of coffee, and it helps to balance your neurotransmitters and keep you from gettingthat jitteriness from coffee and also keeps coffee from imbalancing your neurotransmitters. So, 100 milligrams of Theanine. Another ayurvedic herb that acts a littlebit similarly is called Tulsi, T-U-L-S-I.

But Theanine is very easy to find on a websitelike Amazon. You add 100 milligrams of that to a cup ofcoffee. Next is a book by Dr. Ben Lynch. It’s called “Dirty Genes.” This is one of the best books I’ve read recentlyon how certain people have different genetic factors that can keep you from metabolizingcertain things or that can keep you from responding to certain things such as coffee or alcohol,anything that you might consume in a beneficial way. So, for example, I found from that book thatmy body responds poorly to alcohol, and I know that. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol. And there is a certain stack that I foundin that book called Sami [SP] and HomocysteX that helps to stabilize my body’s responseto alcohol. He has a quiz online. He’s got a book. This is one fantastic read recently for mefor balancing the brain. The other really good one, and there’s a freequiz online for this is by Dr. Eric Braverman.

And I’ll put the link to his quiz on the websitefor this presentation, but he has a neurotransmitter quiz online. It allows you to figure out what your neurotransmitterdominance is and then you can make your food, and exercise, and lifestyle choices basedon your neurotransmitter dominance. Another excellent book and one that I recommendas well. So Theanine and the “Dirty Genes” book alongwith “The Edge Effect” book are three really good ones for the neurotransmitters. The next one is leaky brain. Your brain has a blood-brain barrier that’ssupposed to keep certain toxins, certain chemicals out of your brain. And by keeping that brain or that blood-brainbarrier sound, you’re going to increase your ability to be able to operate neurologically. So, one thing is cold showers. It’s funny. One of the most popular videos on Youtubethat I have is “How To Take A Cold Shower,” which, I think, is hilarious, if people haveto watch a video to figure out how to take a cold shower.

But if you want to upgrade it, Ray Cronies,who worked with the previous speaker here, Wim Hoff, Ray Cronies has a specific hot-coldcontrast shower. I took one this morning as soon as I wokeup. All you do is 20 seconds of cold to 10 secondshot 10 times through. It’s called a five-minute hot-cold contrastshower. In working with a lot of his clients, he wasable to not only strip body fat off of them because you get conversion of adipose tissuein a metabolically active brown fat but it’s also fantastic anytime you get exposed, especiallyif you can get your head wet or your head cold for your blood-brain barrier integrity.

This is another way that you can do things. I don’t know if anyone has ever been in oneof these cryotherapy chambers. That’s the spiritual warrior or the JP Searson Youtube. He has hilarious videos. But the idea behind these cryotherapy chambersis sound. It decreases your body’s temperature, andyou get a lot of the benefits of cold, but you got to make sure your head goes under. Aubrey’s tip to me, by the way, when I interviewedhim on my podcast was when you do these cryotherapy chambers, you going to get your head low andknock on the outside of the chamber, so the person who’s attending it thinks or knowsthat you’re not dead yet. I don’t know if that’s as good as the strategyas mine, which is to simply get a cold tub, or a cold bath, or a cold sink full of waterand try to dip your head a few times each week. Getting your head cold is fantastic for theblood-brain barrier, is something I try to do each day.

Some kind of a cold shower or cold contrast. I have a blog post on my website about allthe different ways that you can set up a cold pool. Anything from a $15,000 investment to a reallynice chiller ozonated system in your backyard, to a freezer hack where you can get a $200to $400 freezer off of Craigslist and make for yourself an ice bath. But this is one of the better things thatyou can do for your blood-brain barrier. The next is to breathe. There’s a lot of different ways that you canbreathe, but there’s a fantastic form of breathing called Buteyko breathing. Who in here is familiar with that, or hasread the book, or studied up on it? The idea here is that, in many cases, eventhough something like, say, Wim Hoff style of breathing is fantastic for getting readyfor a workout or for increasing your tolerance to cold, you do wind up breathing off a lotof carbon dioxide.

And, in an ideal scenario based on longevitystudies, you want a slightly higher level of carbon dioxide simultaneous to a high levelof oxygen. Because when you have a lot of carbon dioxidein your system, it shoves the oxygen into the tissues. This is called the Bohr effect. So, in an ideal scenario, you teach your bodyhow to both increase carbon dioxide and increase oxygen simultaneously. The form of breathing that teaches you howto do this is called Buteyko breathing. And the way to figure out if you’re gettinggood at it is you take a normal exhale and then you just go for as long as you can withouttaking a sharp inhale.

Now, a good score would be anything about40 seconds or longer, being able to hold your breath after a passive exhale. That’s a good sign that you can tolerate highlevels of CO2 and high levels of oxygen. There are some really good books out therethat teach you how to do this. There’s also even a little rebreather devicethat you can hang around your neck, and I use this when I go on walks. It simply goes in your mouth. It teaches you how to exhale slowly, retaina lot of carbon dioxide, then breathe in through your nose and get a lot of oxygen. So maintenance of both carbon dioxide andoxygen and not trying to breathe off all your CO2 all the time is actually important forlongevity because you stay oxygenated and the oxygen gets into tissue. Another one is a trick that Paul Chek taughtme.

I didn’t realize based on probably a lot ofmy years spent bodybuilding that focused on keeping the abs tight and sucked in how muchI use my abs and my chest when I breathe until he did an analysis. He looked at me, he said, “Ben, you hold yourabs in, you push your chest out, you know, you have that old bodybuilding habit.” And so what he taught me was a kite-stringtrick that I use at my desk. I tie a kite string around my waist, and Imake sure that I can feel that kite string moving in and out during the day while I breathe. And that is a cue to me to do deep belly breathingrather than the shallow chest form of breathing that activates barrel receptors in the chest,activates cortisol, and keeps me from getting as much oxygen as I actually need.

So the kite-string trick works really well. There are some different apps and devicesnow that will cue your phone via Bluetooth signal when you’re slumping, and I’ll puta link to some of those apps on the presentation page. But all you really need is a kite string. The second form of breathing that I reallylike is called box breathing. Who in here knows about box breathing? I trained, I did the equivalent of a HellWeek for civilians with the Navy SEALs in Encinitas, and the most powerful form of breathingthat they taught me when we were getting battered by the Pacific Ocean, and we were gettingburied in the sand and doing these 26 mile night hikes and just getting beat up for aweek was box breathing. Very simple. I do this when I walk through airports. I’ll do it before I get on stage to talk tosuppress the heart rate a little bit. It’s very simple. It’s a four count in, four count hold, fourcount out, four count hold. Box breathing. And you can do a five, five, five, a six,six, six.

There’s some people really good at breathworkwho will do a 20 in, 20 hold, 20 out, 20 hold. This idea of box breathing, though, is oneof the better stress control strategies that I’ve used. Next is eating. Next is eating for your mind. Now, if you were to walk up to me, and youwere to offer a big stick full of cotton candy, or perhaps one of those snack packs full ofhealthy food that you get at the airport and you turn it over and you look at the label,and the number one ingredient as you see in most processed and packaged food these daysis canola oil, safflower oil, or sunflower oil, or any other processed vegetable oil,I would choose the cotton candy hands down. And that’s because those types of oils areworse for your body than sugar. See, I can metabolize sugar.

I can drop and do 30 burpees and stabilizemy blood glucose levels, and the body can metabolize sugar very well. Oils, on the other hand, are what compriseyour cell membranes after you eat them. They literally are what make up your body. And if you’re making up your body with rancidhigh amounts of processed oils, what happens is your cell membrane suffer and your longevitysuffers. One of the best tree to seize on these topicsis a book called “Deep Nutrition” by Dr. Cate Shanahan. It really hammers home this idea that if there’sone thing that you would eliminate from your diet to care for your nervous system, it wouldbe vegetable oils because those stick around your body far longer than sugar. The next one is organ meat. This is my son holding the heart of one ofhis fifth-grade enemies. No, I’m just kidding. That’s a cow heart. We eat a lot of organ meats at our house,liver, heart.

We do Brown Trigere and head cheese, whichare mixes of kidney, and heart, and liver. And I realize this is gross for some peopleto eat organ meat, so I’ll take this down pretty quickly because I see some heads turning. We’ll go on to the next one. But the idea is you can get desiccated livercapsules, you can get these in supplement form if you don’t like the idea of eatingorgan meats. In my opinion, taking the liver, soaking thatraw milk, dredging it and a little bit of egg and coconut flour and cooking up withsome butter, and some bacon, and onions is actually pretty mouthwatering. But if you’re not an organ meat person, thengo for something like a liver capsule. The idea of having organ meat at least oncea week, though, is fantastic for the brain. You get things like B12, and taurine, andall sorts of vitamins your body wouldn’t normally otherwise get large amounts of.

Another one is creatine. A lot of people think creatine is like a broscience molecule for footballers and powerlifters, but your body decreases in its available creatinecontent as you age, and creatine is a known nootropic. It’s fantastic for the brain. And because you lose a lot of it as you age,a really good anti-aging strategy is to simply take five grams of creatine per day. No need to load, no need to de-load. You simply take five grams of creatine eachday as a daily supplement, and it’s fantastic for the brain. Next is smart drugs and nootropics. I get a lot of questions about these. This is a favorite hack of mine on an airplane.

That’s a nicotine toothpick sticking out ofa cup of black coffee. It’s the old kind of cigarette cup of coffeewriter’s trick, but I’ll use a nicotine toothpick to achieve that same effect. Just very small microdoses of nicotine. And you can get these toothpicks online. They go perfectly, perfectly with a cup ofblack coffee. The other one, I’ve gotten a lot of questionsabout this, I don’t know why, in the past two days, is LSD, microdosing with LSD. Now, this is also something that’s fantasticfor merging the left and right hemispheres of your brain and enhancing creativity. I finished my first work of fiction aboutsix months ago. The entire thing was written every Fridayon a microdose of LSD. I’d wake up in the morning. It’s fantastic for getting creativity andanalytical thinking going at the same time, which is perfect for fiction, for creativewriting, for copywriting, for anything for which you need to actually produce a lot ofcreative content but stay analytical at the same time.

About a 10 to 20 microgram dose of LSD. That’s actually organic tobacco. That’s another way that you can use nicotineif you wanted to go that method. There’s these things called snuses that arevery popular, putting into your lower lip, and that’s another way that you can do it. This is the intellects tree, the intellectstree, and this is found in a smart drug that I like called Qualia Mind. It’s kind of a newer nootropic that you’llfind being added as an ingredient to a lot of these herbal blends, but it’s a very interestingone because it enhances memory and comprehension. And, you can get this in a supplement form.

So, it’s called Celastrus paniculatus, veryinteresting one. I’ll link to that one as well. I like how it has that doctrine of signaturesgoing for it, though. It kind of looks like a little brain in thesame way that a walnut, which is also fantastic because of the choline for your brain lookslike a brain. There’s a lot of other clues that nature givesus. Pomegranates being good for your heart, tomatoesbeing good for your heart, avocados being good for your ovaries, all sorts of cool things. But that’s an interesting one, this intellecttree. Next is to upgrade your head. I use light for this. There’s a few different ways that I use light. I was talking last night to a few people aboutsun gazing, and this is how I do it.

I don’t actually believe in the sun, so Ijust put glasses on. I’m stuck indoors a lot of the time writing. So this is actually fantastic for regulatingyour circadian rhythm and getting a lot of the benefits of sunlight. It’s a greenish blue lightwave spectrum, andthese are glasses that you wear. I wear these for about 25 minutes every morningwhile I’m working on my computer, walking around the house, making a cup of coffee,taking a dump with my giant glasses on. But, basically, this spectrum is fantasticfor enhancing your wakefulness, greenish blue spectrum of light. Another one that I’ll use as almost like abio hack for exercising the cells, for opening and closing the cells, is called pulsed electromagneticfield therapy.

This is a table that I sit on made by a companycalled Pulse Centers, but there are also more portable devices. I’ve met a lot of nomadic people who travela lot here, and there are a couple of devices. There’s one called an EarthPulse and one calleda FlexPulse. Now, pulsed electromagnetic field therapyor PEMF is something that you can put in a different setting for anything you want toachieve. Like, you set it at three hertz for relaxationand sleep. You can set it 10 hertz for focus. You can take these things and put them at100 hertz on a muscle that might be injured. But PEMF is a very good strategy, not onlyfor using to enhance your mind, to wake up the brain, you can place it into your headat about 10 hertz but also for anything that you’d want to use full body. So PEMF is another one I’ve been using a lotof lately.

Another way that I’ve been kind of focusingon getting more oxygen to the brain particularly is via combining hypoxic and hyperoxic training. Now, there are devices you can buy like theone you see there with me on the bicycle is called a LiveO2. It sucks all the air out of the room, concentratesthe oxygen, and then you breathe in pure oxygen. And then with the flip of a switch, you canflip it to hypoxia or very low levels of oxygen. Then you can simulate this and almost do likea portable version of this a couple of ways. You can go on sprints, and I’ll do this sometimeswhere I’ll jog or I’ll walk from one telephone pole or one marker to another only breathingthrough my nose. And then when I get to the next marker I’llspeed up, I’ll breathe through my mouth to hyper oxygenate my body, then I’ll go backto nasal breathing. So, I’m maintaining CO2 and oxygen at thesame time, figuring out a way to do hypoxia combined with hyperoxia. You also see me with a training mask on inthat photo on the right, and that’s another thing you can use.

These are about $70. They restrict a little bit of the oxygen thatyou breathe in, and you can pull that mask up and down as you’re exercising to give yourselflots of oxygen or not very much oxygen. Now, another way that you can train your mindis to train for speed. Your nervous system is very dependent on howquickly you can grab motor neurons and make them fire. There’s even this CNS tap test. It’s a free, pretty inexpensive app that youcan put on your phone that calculates how quickly you tap on your phone with your thumbsin one minute. And, you can actually track your nervous systemby doing that simple test. It’s one of my favorite tests. You just sit there and do a quick test eachday to see how fast I can tap for 60 seconds each side. Another way that you can keep your fingeron the pulse of your nervous system is via heart rate variability training.

How many of you in here have heard of HRVtraining? So, this is a very good way to test. Each morning I wear a ring that tells me whatmy HRV is each morning. There are also apps out there that will tellyou what’s called your low frequency versus your high-frequency score. Your low frequency is a measurement of yoursympathetic nervous system. Your high frequency is a measurement of yourparasympathetic nervous system. This is a screenshot of one called the NatureBeatapp. And in that app, I can see, hey, if my high-frequencynervous system is very beat-up for this day, that’s an indicator that my parasympatheticnervous system is exhausted, so I should avoid any longterm aerobic endurance training fortoday. Or if the low-frequency system is very beat-up,I can avoid any high-intensity kettlebell swinging or intense weightlifting for theday.

So it’s a very good way to, again, track yournervous system and know how to train it and know when it’s ready to train. Another thing that you can do, and I realizethis stands in stark contrast what you learned yesterday about 10X is that sometimes youwant to train your muscles how to move quickly, how to move explosively, and how to generatea high amount of force in a short period of time because it turns out that these explosivefast twitch fibers are actually quite good for longevity. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’tdo 10X training.

It means that if you’re going to do that,you should enhance that with some kind of sport like basketball or tennis that you playto train for explosiveness, or you should have a separate bodyweight workout that youdo where you’re simply moving quickly and explosively so you’re kind of getting thebest of both worlds.

All the advantages of the super slow trainingalong with the explosive, fast training. The next is deep sleep, which is fantasticfor the mind. A few of the things that I found to reallyenhance deep sleep, which, when I measure it, I like to be greater than about 10%. And a lot of people who I look at when I seetheir data from a Fitbit, or a Jawbone, or any other sleep tracker is that the deep sleepis very low, which means you’re sleeping but you’re not repairing, and you’re not recovering,and you’re not consolidating memory. Exposure to red light at night is one verygood way to enhance deep sleep.

So what I’ve done is I’ve changed up all thelight bulbs in my bedroom and in my office when I’m working at night to be red lightonly, red light only. No artificial light, very small amounts ofblue light. The next would be this particular plant righthere. A lot of people will smoke weed or use marijuanabefore bed to get to sleep. Believe it or not, that actually decreasesthe amount of deep sleep that you can get. It allows you to go to sleep pretty quicklyif you need to, but the molecule, CBD, which is an isolate, which is a non-psychoactivecomponent of marijuana that you can often procure far more legally in many places thanTHC or marijuana can actually enhance deep sleep.

So when it comes to hemp, it depends on whatderivative that you use of it, but CBD would be the way to go if you’re gonna use somethinglike that for sleep, particularly for deep sleep. And then there’s a great book called “WhatMakes Olga Run.” And, in this book, which is a fantastic treatiseon how this 95-year-old track star actually lived her life, she talks about how she keepsan old empty bottle of wine next to her bedside at night. And what she does is she’ll actually wakeup, and knead, and roll over any sore muscles with this bottle of wine. Now, that that’s risky because it could shatterwhen you’re half awake half asleep trying to move your shoulder over a bottle of wine,but foam rollers, lacrosse balls, any of these deep tissue devices… I’ve actually started doing just a littlebit of foam rolling, a little bit of deep tissue work before bed at night, almost likea self-inflicted deep tissue massage, and it enhanced my deep sleep cycles simply byfinding a few muscles and rolling over them with a foam roller.

Now, I keep a little foam roller next to mybedstand in one of these little lacrosse balls so I can dig into just a few tight spots becauseyour fascia covers your whole body. And when you can release that just a littlebit before bed, it actually enhances relaxation. Cool tip that I picked up from that book,and it’s a good book to read anyways. Next is your body. You’ve learned a lot of tips about optimizingyour mind, let’s jump into the body. The first is to become a fat burning machine. We know that adipose tissue releases inflammatorycytokines, and those can definitely get in the way of longevity. As a matter of fact, controlling inflammationand controlling what’s called glycaemic variability, or how many blood glucose fluctuations thatyou get during the day, are probably two of the most important things that you can doto enhance longevity.

So for the fat burning machine piece, verysimple. I’m going to give you my 1-2-3 method forlosing fat very, very quickly. And I do this every single day. You get up in the morning and you’re in afasted state, preferably you fasted for 12 to 16 hours. Twelve to 16 hours is kind of the magic windowto go without eating each day. Next, when you’re in that fasted state, youdo anywhere from about 20 to 30 minutes of any type of aerobic exercise, not cortisol,stress-producing exercise, something very easy. Walk in the sunshine, easy swim, easy yogasession, you name it. So you’re in a fasted state, you’re tappinginto your own adipose tissue by doing something aerobic in that fasted state.

And then you finish with two to five minutesof cold exposure, two to five minutes of cold exposure. So you’re fasted, you wake up, aerobic exercise,and you finish with cold. And for a bonus on that, if you can have alittle bit of caffeine to enhance your fatty acid utilization, coffee or green tea, itwill blow up that effect even more. I discovered this when I was training forIron Man, and I had to stay very lean, very thin, so I started into this morning protocolevery day. I began to implement it with my clients, andit works like gangbusters, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or tap into your ownadipose tissue.

The next is to own a routine. I’ve had a chance to hang out with a lot ofreally fit older people. A guy from Finland named Vesey, a Don Wildman,the owner of Bally’s Fitness working out of his basement here in Malibu, Mark Sesan, thesexy beast from Malibu, Laird Hamilton, a big wave surfer, Paul Chek. And one of the things that I’ve found witha lot of these guys is that consistency trumps variety. Consistency trumps variety. And hanging out with a lot of these fit olderpeople what I found, and this is, for example, this is Paul Chek’s backyard where he stacksrocks each morning. That’s his workout, is he stacks rocks eachmorning. Laird Hamilton does breathwork and a hot showereach morning.

Don Wildman has this one-and-a-half-hour circuittraining routine that he does three days of the week. Mark Sesan paddleboards and plays ultimatefrisbee each week, but these are some of the same things they do every single week. It allows them to maintain fitness withoutactually getting injured, without throwing too many things at their body. I used to think that the best workout, andI’ve said this from stage before, is whatever workout you’re not doing at the moment, soyou’re always moving on to something new that confuses your body. But as I’ve gotten older and I’ve observedsome of these older people who are very fit, they’re doing the same things over and overagain. That’s the beauty of something like the 10Xworkout that you learned about yesterday is it’s the same reliable thing, whether you’resleep deprived, or whether you’re demotivated to train, or whether you’re at risk for injury.

It doesn’t matter. It’s the same thing, and your body gets usedto that, and there can be some benefit to that. You don’t get fit quite as quickly when you’renot changing up all your exercises in your workouts, but by staying consistent and havinga tried and true routine. I’m I supposed to wave at the camera as itgoes by? Yeah. Hi? All right. It allows you to actually maintain your fitnessyear-round. That’s something interesting that I pickedup from these guys, that some kind of routine trumps novelty. Next for the body. The frequency of bowel movement has actuallybeen associated with mortality, and there’s probably some amount of toxin reabsorptionand some scientific reason for this in terms of getting stuff out of your gut. But make sure that you poop like a baby.

Make sure that you poop like a baby. I’ll give you a few of my tips that I’m usingright now. First of all, every single Wednesday… Hey, wait, we’re all grown-ups here, right? I do a coffee enema. Coffee enema is fantastic for peristalsis,for bile production, for your liver, for your gallbladder. Every single week, I do one, and it keepsme going like clockwork. But it’s fantastic for detoxification allyear-round. Get a stainless steel enema bucket. Whenever I’m home every Wednesday, that’swhere I’m at on Wednesdays. Lying on the bathroom floor doing my coffeeenema. If you travel a lot…by the way, there’sa suppository called a Glytamin that you can use to achieve a very similar effect. G-L-Y-T-A-M-I-N. So coffee enemas, that’s one thing. The next is deep tissue psoas work.

Again, I didn’t realize how tight a lot ofthese muscles that in many cases a massage therapist won’t work on until I started todo deep tissue work on my psoas. It feels like someone’s sticking a knife intoyour abs, but a lot of people have gut issues. And it’s not because their gut’s broken andthey’re following the wrong diet, it’s because they have musculoskeletal issues and a verytight psoas or Iliacus. So, in that picture, I’m using a device calleda PSO, a P-S-O to do deep tissue work on my psoas. The next is some form of vibration or peristalsis. So, for example, one thing that’ll do whenI wake up in the morning is I’ll just do a very simple Qigong shaking for about two minutes. I’d have you guys stand up and do it, butwe’re on a time crunch today. Qigong shaking, another one you’ll see meusing in this picture is a MyoBuddy.

It’s a vibrating massage tool that I use tomassage my whole body every few days at home, but I make sure that I hit my abs too. Because, again, a lot of times a massage therapistis uncomfortable working on the area where all of your organs are, but you can do self-inflictedtissue work on your abdominals by working your psoas and by using some kind of vibrationor massage combined with, as you saw, use of a squatty potty or a squatting position. You can actually move stuff through you farmore efficiently. So, those are a few of my secrets for poopinglike a baby. Next is systematize your fitness blueprint. Now, I could talk for the entire time abouthow to look good naked and live a long time in a blog post that I wrote on that. We’re turning the whole thing into a Mindvalleyquest this year.

Go read the blog post. I’ll link to it on the notes for this particularpresentation, but we’ve systematized everything from mitochondrial density to super slow training,to VO2 Max, to all the different elements of fitness that confer longevity. That blog post, if you’re self-educated andyou know a little bit about fitness, will give you everything you need to kind of launchinto it. But the quest we’re launching later this yearis going to really fill you in on the perfect workout for that. Next is to not worry so much about diets. Not to worry so much about diets. This is my son with a whole bunch of donutsthat he baked. Now, there are certain people in the worldwho, based on their bacterial ratio, what’s called their pharmacide[SP]-to-bacterial ratioin their gut will respond without a very high blood glucose response to donuts, or in thecase of the studies they’ve done in Israel, bananas, cookies, and then other people’sblood glucose will go through the roof.

And this is because there’s a lot of geneticvariety when it comes to the way you process sugars, the way you process fats, the wayyou processed proteins, so the idea is that you want to figure out what diet actuallyworks best for you. One of the best ways to start into that isto do something like I already explained, go read a book like “Dirty Genes.” Get a genetic analysis and begin to dig intowhat your ancestors ate and also into what genes you actually possess that will affecteverything from how quickly you metabolize caffeine to how much of an inflammatory responseyou would have to something like a ketotic-based diet. So there’s a lot of testing that you can do,but it’s not my opinion that everyone should follow a certain diet because we live in aday and age where you can test and you can figure out what diet is worse or better foryou. Like I mentioned, controlling blood glucosefluctuations is, in my opinion, one of the most important things that you can do to conferlongevity.

There’s a host of different ways that youcan do it. One is the consumption of bitters or digestifsbefore a meal. They’ve got a fantastic digestive liquor herein Italy called Ebo Leibow. At home, I’ll mix mint, and ginger, and blackpepper, and a variety of different herbs and spices and put in a copper mug with a littlebit of ice and tequila and make myself a Moscow Mule, anything that enhances what’s calledyour first-phase-insulin response. Lemon, ginger, anything like this that wouldbe considered a bitter or a digestif, when consumed before a meal, lowers your bloodglucose response to that meal. That’s bitter melon extract. That’s one that’s used in Okinawa, Japan,for example.

You can get that in supplement form takenprior to a meal. It lowers your blood glucose after you eat. Ceylon cinnamon is another one. Two teaspoons of Ceylon cinnamon a day. Berberine is also common. You’ll find this as a blood sugar stabilizerin a lot of supplements. A shot of apple cider vinegar prior to a meal. This is another way that you can decreaseyour blood glucose response to a meal or stabilize your glucose during the day. Putting a little bit of apple cider vinegarinto the beverages that you drink. Chewing your food 25 to 40 times per biteis a really good way to enhance your blood glucose response to a meal.

So paying attention to chewing, mindful eating,fantastic strategy for glycemic response. Any type of explosive exercise, and they’veshown that it can be as little as 30 seconds, dropping and doing 10 burpees before a mealor doing my little rural world slip off to the bathroom and do a few air squats in thebathroom when I’m eating a lot of food at a restaurant. Anything quick and explosive like that willenhance your blood glucose response to a meal. Now, in terms of walking, walking is alsofantastic for enhancing your glucose response to a meal, but they found that the best timeto do it is for about an hour after you’ve eaten. For about an hour after you’ve eaten is thebest way to get a walk in. And it doesn’t matter…I don’t mean walkfor an hour, I mean within the hour after you’ve eaten, taking a stroll, like, a postprandialstroll.

Ten, 15, 20 minutes, that’s fantastic. Just something explosive before, somethingeasy and aerobic afterward. The last one here is just a picture of a wholebunch of carbohydrates. I barely any carbohydrates all day long unlessI’m at a fantastic buffet-infused resort like this where you have no choice. But in a normal situation, 9 times out of10, I’m all fats, I’m all vegetables, moderate amounts of protein all day long. Then at the very end of the day, I have mycarbohydrates to top off the energy stores for the next day’s physical activity. Recover like Wolverine. Using better living through science, thereare a lot of different ways that you can recover more quickly. Peptides are one.

There are peptides called BPC 157 and TB 500. In the states right now, you can just orderthese off of like veterinary websites or chemical websites, and you can actually inject thesearound the skin to enhance your joints’ ability to heal. Now, another one is neural therapy. This is a very interesting form of injectionsthat I underwent at a naturopathic clinic in Idaho, but they inject Procaine and VitaminB12 in different nerves and it really enhances the body’s ability to be able to heal. So this is another very cool tactic, and I’llput a link to a big podcast that I did on this on the notes page. I’m also famous, of course, for being theperson who had a perfectly healthy penis that I injected with stem cells to try and makeit bigger. This was the story that they told on Gizmodo.

Not true. I did not have a small dick. There are other reasons that I went throughthis procedure. But nonetheless, stem cells…there’s a manhere. Harry, did you give a talk yet? Harry Adelson recently did a full body stemcell make-over on me. I’m going to keep that one under wraps. Harry’s going to be able to tell you a littlebit more about it, I’m sure when he talks, but this was a combination of a new cutting-edgemolecule called an exosome combined with stem cells. I did it a few weeks ago and had every singlejoint injected with stem cells. And this is the type of thing that you cando now to increase the number of stem cells you have available to you and decrease yourpropensity for aging due to a loss of stem cells. The next one is to fortify your immune system.

Few ways that I do this. I eat baby goats. Don’t be scared, I don’t eat baby goats. However, I do use colostrum. I used colostrum a lot of times during theyear to enhance my immune system and enhance the amount of growth factors I have availableto me. That one’s fantastic. Colostrum is a very good supplement to take,especially if you have a stressed gut, or if you need a little pick me up when it comesto your immune system. Another one are these Myers’ Cocktails IVs. Rather than taking a multivitamin, gettingmultivitamins into your bloodstream if you haven’t done these before is a very, verygood way to enhance longevity and to get your body chock full of a lot of nutrients thatit may have trouble absorbing anyway. So I do one of these each week, a Myers’ CocktailIV. And, again, we can go deep dive into a lotof this stuff during the Q&A session that we do at the breakout session.

The next thing that you really want to focuson for the immune system is low-level physical activity, bouncing, vibrating, moving allday long. I actually keep a mini trampoline in my officenow. And at certain points during the day whenI take a break, I’ll bounce up and down on that. It’s a very kind of low-level physical activityyou can do without a lot of impact. Fantastic for the lymph fluid. So that’s another strategy that I use, andit’s related to this idea of hacking your environment. So, for example, to enhance the left and righthemisphere activity in the brain, you can get these balanced devices.

I have one called a FluidStance. And you can stand on these when you’re workingduring the day, and it actually challenges your balance just a little bit as you’re standingand typing. And it’s a great way to hack your environmentand to keep your brain turned on during the day. Another one is to move and still be able towork. I use a software on my computer called DragonDictate. And this one is fantastic for allowing youto record and to get accurate transcription of what you’re saying while you’re still ableto move and do things like balance or walk on a treadmill while you’re doing your workduring the day. The next one is a special stretch that a guynamed Dr. David Beck, the inventor of the Bosu Ball taught me. It’s called the Coil. I do this on airplanes.

I do it when I’m working. It’s one of the best full body stretches youcan do. You put one leg back behind you like this,you bend the other one and you reach over your head like this. I’ll put a full video on the show notes pagefor this talk. But, basically, this coil exercise is onethat I have been doing a lot of. Again, I’m trying to show you guys some ofthe newer things that I’ve discovered of late, fantastic exercise for kind of keeping thebody fully stretched throughout the day. The next is to care for your skin and yoursymmetry. A few things that I do for anti-aging andlongevity for my skin is number one, a weekly clay mask. I actually do this, yes, on the same day thatI do the coffee enema. I do a clay mask, and I do my enema, thenI get up and I wash the clay mask off. Yes. For those of you who are wondering how I pullall this off, I multitask. So a clay mask, really, really good methodfor enhancing the skin. Another one is golf ball rolling. Your feet affect everything from the spacein your chest where your lungs reside to your posture, your symmetry, the health of yourhips and your knees.

So, I keep a golf ball right on my desk, andevery once in a while during the day, I’ll roll one foot and then roll the other footso that my feet are giving me a good stable platform and I’m maintaining the strengthof my feet during the day. So the golf ball trick is a really, reallygood one for body symmetry and the health of the entire system. Another one is collagen. Adequate collagen consumption is somethingthat a lot of people don’t get enough of, kind of, like creatine. So getting 20 to 40 grams of collagen, whetherfrom a supplement form or from a bone broth form, like, a cup of bone broth has about8 to 10 grams of collagen in it, for example, really, really good way to enhance the healthof your skin, your bones, your joints, everything. So collagen, taking about 20 to 40 grams ofcollagen per day, that’s a great supplement. I’ve got a lot of slides that I wanted togo into on optimizing your spirit, but I’m just going to fly through these and give youguys a few things to think about, and then we’ll really dive into this stuff during thebreakout session.

This is why I requested a breakout sessionbecause I knew I had a lot of stuff to go over with you all. Optimizing your spirit. If you haven’t read the book, “The Biologyof Belief,” which goes into how different frequencies, different emotions can actuallyaffect different cells and affect your actual genetic expression. Read the book and get to know the idea aboutdifferent frequencies eliciting different emotions and different genetic responses. “The Biology of Belief.” The next is gratitude. I do a gratitude practice every single morning. I write down one thing I’m grateful for, onetruth that I discovered, and one person that I can help, or pray for, or serve that day. Daily gratitude practice, fantastic way toenhance the health of your spirit along with your body and your mind.

Sound healing. This is a guy named Porangui, who does soundhealing sessions in Sedona using sound to enhance, not just your health but also thingslike your sleep. This is a love tuner. I’ve seen a few people around here wearingthe love tuner, which you can blow on. It creates a 520-hertz frequency that canactually enhance your ability to express the emotion of love. Another one is wholetones music. There’s a guy named Michael Tyrrell who createsthese CDs that are chocked full of beats that can actually heal your body with sound andelicit certain emotions and certain mood states depending on the sounds that you choose. These are a couple of apps that I use on myphone.

One is called, which is basicallylike an artificial intelligence algorithm that you can use for focus, for meditation,for sleep. Another one is called SleepStream, which islike a DJ for sleep. You can play different binaural beats, differentwhite noises, different background noises, but it’s fantastic to use not only for sleep,for focus, for naps, creativity, really good one-two combo. The next is love. We know about love, family, relationships,as I mentioned earlier, being fantastic for longevity, going out of your way to surroundyourself with people. This is me when I was nine years old, andI was a complete introvert. All I wanted to do was sit around and readbooks.

I was homeschooled K through 12. I did not like to be on stage. I did not like to be in front of people. I did not like to disco dance with my shirtoff. I was a complete, complete introvert. A few books that really helped me out, onewas “Never Eat Alone.” One was the book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts”by Susan Cain. And then, finally, Dan Buettner gets intothe importance of being with people, socializing, not being a social isolate, not being lonelyall the time, surrounding yourself with family, love, life, and relationships. Incredibly important for longevity. And those are a few books that really helpedme. And, of course, I had to put a picture ofA-Fest on here because I know that we’re really good here, as I’ve discovered firsthand, atbuilding a family around us and being in a lot of social relationship type of situations.

The next one is to experience sex. Because I’m on a time crunch, all I’m goingto do is recommend that if you’re able to get your hands on via Amazon or whatever,the January 2018 edition of Men’s Health Magazine where I was sent on a three month quest tolook into everything that a man could do to enhance his sexual performance. Read that magazine because I take a deep diveinto both the spirituality of sex and also a whole bunch of different bio hacks for menand women to enhance sexual performance. I talked about creating a routine, so I won’tkick that horse to death. That’s just me doing a bit of the foam rollingthat I do every single morning as a part of my routine.

But I wanna finish with this, the number onething that you can do to not just live a long time but to look good naked and to be happyforever, to keep yourself motivated, to keep yourself happy, to keep yourself connected… That’s me and that’s the tattoo on my shoulder. This tattoo is the Japanese Kanji symbol forqi, life force, energy, Chakra, prana, spirit. Many of us are very, very focused, as I wasfor a very long time, on all these bio hacks to optimize the body and optimize the brain,but we’ve got this dry, shriveled up soul and spirit inside of us. And the number one thing that I’ve found thathas really helped me tap into true happiness and true longevity is to care for the onesingle part of me that I believe is going to be around for the rest of my life for allof eternity.

You can take away from the supermodel, theirgood looks, or, you know, the CEO who makes a lot of money, all of their finances, orthe most successful person in the world can be stripped of all their successes. There’s a verse in the Bible called, “Whatdoes it profit of man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his own soul?” So the idea here is that you want to carefor your soul. You want to care for your spirit and not justget so caught up with the bio hacks, and the six-pack abs, and the optimization of yourneurotransmitters that you forget to care about your happiness, and your purpose, andtrue meaning in life. And one of the best ways that I’ve found todo that is by simply being quiet for a couple of minutes. You can try this now.

You can close your eyes, just block off allthese external stimuli just for a moment. Close your eyes and connect with your purpose. Connect with your soul. And if you don’t know what your purpose is,if you’re still seeking that out, if you can’t write down or see in your mind a sentencethat dictates your purpose, the unique reason that you were brought to this world, the reasonthat you’ve been blessed with a soul, what it is that you were called here to achieve,then finding that purpose is one of the best things that you can do for your longevityand for your happiness. Mine is to empower people to live a more adventurous,joyful, and fulfilling life. My purpose in life is to empower people tolive a more adventurous, and joyful, and fulfilling life.

And by knowing that purpose, I can wake upeach morning, feed my soul with that and go off into the world enabling other people totap into their adventurous, joyful, and fulfilling life. So knowing your purpose, knowing your purposeis what feeds your soul. So if you aren’t able to write your purposedown, I would challenge you at some point today, go to a quiet place and begin to thinkabout why it is that you’re here, who it is that you can help here, the unique talentsand the unique gifts that you bring to the world.

Because if you don’t do anything else, thecoffee enemas, the photobiomodulation, microdosing, anything else, finding your purpose in lifeand then loving others with that purpose is one of the most powerful things that you cando for your longevity and for your happiness. So, thank you all for Reading. Thank you.

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