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If you are suffering from health problemsskin problem, acidity, muscle pain, digestion problem, fatigue or migraine then accordingto studies chances are one of the main causes is not drinking right amount of water properly. So far you have heard water is life, fromthis Post you will get to know that if it is not properly drunk then how it can becomea major cause of death.

So let’s find out everyday when how much andin which way you should drink water so that it benefits you. Because it is a fact that 90% of us drinkwater in wrong way, and a proof to that is the diseases I mentioned at the beginningof the Post getting so much common among us. “Oh god! Again I have forgotten to drink water today!”and immediately you picked up a 1lit water bottle and drank 1lit of water at once.

Do you know this is more harmful for you thanbenefiting. In medical term it is called water intoxicationor water poisoning. Our body has a limited capacity to hold aparticular amount of water at once. At once if you drink too much of water thenit increases the water percentage in your blood. As a result, the density of different electrolytesspecially sodium starts to decrease and water starts to move from outside to inside of cells,causing them to swell.

When this happens with our brain cells itcauses headache, fatigue and many other health problems. This condition is also called hyponatremia. Now the question is, how can you know whetheryou have right amount of water in your body or not? Your urine colour is an indicator of that. If it is dark yellow, then it indicates waterdeficiency in your body. If it is transparent just like fresh water,then it indicates water excess in your body.

Neither deficiency nor excess of water isgood for your body. If your urine colour is very light yellowthen it indicates that you have right amount of water in your body. So your urine colour is a very efficient indicator. Other than that when you drink water whilewalking or standing, opening your mouth in upward direction then along with water a lotof air enter into your stomach which may cause acidity in your stomach.

So, what you should do? First of all do not drink more than 300 mlof water at once. Second, sit somewhere and then drink waterslowly by touching your mouth with the bottle or glass. Because when you will drink water slowly,the enzymes in your mouth will get a chance to mix up with the water and reach your stomach,which is very good for your digestion.

So, smart idea 1: Always drink slowly Are you also one of them, who cannot eat theirmeals without drinking water? And some of them can’t eat their meals withoutdrinking soft drinks along with it. That is more dangerous. If you are one of them then chances are mostof the time you suffer from acidity and digestion problem. Because just as we eat something after cookingit, in the same way when the food reaches our stomach, gastric juice mix with it toget it digested.

So it can be said, that after reaching ourstomach the food is cooked for the second time by our gastric juice. Then only finally the food is digested. Now suppose when you are cooking, if someonekeep putting water in your saucepan then will the food be prepared properly? The same thing happens when you drink waterwhile eating. Because of drinking water the density of thegastric juice starts to decrease which results in causing digestion problem.

So what should you do? You should always drink water 30min beforeor after having your meal. Yes, if you are eating very dry food thenyou can drink a little amount of water but that is just to soak the throat. So, smart idea 2: Don’t drink while eating You may have heard it before also that 75%of our body is made of water. But due to sweat, urine and breathing everydaywe loose near about 2 to 2.5 lit of water from our body.

So to restore this amount of water we needto drink 2 to 2.5 lit of water everyday. But in a day, when and how should we drinkwater? First of all, just after getting up in themorning, even before brushing your teeth or having breakfast you should drink at least300ml of water. Because the enzymes in your month after agood night sleep are very much beneficial for your body.

This is why they are said superior than goldin Ayurveda. But maximum of us go to brush our teeth rightafter getting up, because of that the enzymes can not reach to the stomach. So from tomorrow morning after getting up,your first task is to drink 300ml or 1 glass of water very slowly. Then 30min before and after having your breakfastyou have to drink 300ml or 1glass of water each time, that is a total of 600ml or 2 glassof water.

In the same way, before and after having yourlunch and dinner you have to drink 300ml or 1glass of water. By following this simple routine you can drink2lit of water regularly. So that you remember to drink water beforeand after having your meal, you can use your mobile phone’s alarm clock as a reminder oryou can also use the app named “water drink reminder”.

So, smart idea 3: Follow a drinking routine As there are right times to drink water similarlythere are some wrong times when you should never drink water. These are,1) While eating a meal 2) Just after coming out from toilet. Because at that time some of our muscles remainloose, so maximum of the water that we drink at that time passes through our system without getting absorbed and as a result we have to go to toilet again and again. 3) Before going to bed at night you shouldnot drink water.

Because unless in mid night you may have towake up to go to the toilet. This will harm your sleep cycle and decreaseyour sleep quality. So you should drink little amount of waterat least one hour before going to bed. 4) You should always avoid drinking waterafter intense workout sessions. Because during workout we loose a lot of electrolytesfrom our body due to sweat.

In this condition if you drink huge amountof water then the remaining electrolytes in your body also get dissolved in that water,causing vomitting fatigue and lots of health problems. So in this condition you should always drinkGlucon-D type of drinks, so that not only the water but also the electrolytes get restoredin your body.

So, smart idea 4: Avoid drinking water atwrong times Are you one of them who in summer time getsstraight to the freezer to drink chilled water after getting back home from somewhere? Then chances are many often you suffer fromcold and digestion problem.

You may know that our body has a suitabletemperature, when you drink chilled water then that cold water hinders in the processof maintaining that body temperature and as a result it also creates problem to maintainblood pressure.

So what should we do? We should always drink room temperature water. As in yogic culture it is said that we shouldnot drink water more or less than 4 degree of our body temperature. Because then it harms our body more than benefiting. So, smart idea 5: Always drink room temperature water.

So let’s recap all of the Smart ideas onceagain, 1) Always drink small amount of water at onceand drink it slowly. 2) Don’t drink while eating. 3) Follow a drinking routine to drink rightamount of water at the right time. 4) Avoid drinking water at wrong time. 5) Always drink room temperature water.

As someone once said, “Drink right amoun tof water, your skin, your hair, your mind and your body will thank you.” At last a little request to you, if you findthis video useful then please share it with your friends. So that they can also understand the importanceof drinking water in the right way.

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