Healthy Snacks TO BE A SNACC 🍓 Must Try High Protein & YUMMY Recipes

Hey guys, welcome back! You guys ready to make some yummy snacks? So today, I’m going to make about four to five recipes depending on my time constraints.

Let’s see how it goes We’re gonna have some high protein snacks, some healthy chocolates. Just things that are yummy and healthy. So it’s good for you. So we’re gonna have some high protein meringue, we’re gonna have high protein yogurt.

You can use coconut yogurt too – and we’re gonna have healthy chocolate, which is really crucial because your girl here eats chocolate every day and What else? Ooo, I’m also gonna have an easier version of daifukus So for those of you guys who want something to eat with your strawberries, you can try this out.

So let’s just jump straight into it because the intro is getting way too long But before you do that, smash that thumbs up button and subscribe The first recipe that we’re gonna make today is meringue because that’s gonna take about two hours Seriously, I’ve never made it before so.

So please Please make it work? Okay, I got my recipe over here It looks pretty simple, but I’ve never made it before so let’s hope that I don’t fail Let’s just start with measuring the ingredients first because I don’t want to get my hands wet.

So we’re gonna need some sugar 3/4 cup of sugar A lot of sugar, 3/4 cup for four eggs? Egg white, that’s like 150 grams. That’s a lot. So I’m gonna just use 50 grams because I’m using a The sweetener that has no sugar in it So it doesn’t actually have carbs or calories in it and it’s 2 times sweeter-this version that I bought So I’m just gonna use 50 grams first, I’m not gonna follow the recipe exactly.

Anyway, let’s just do 50 grams first it’ll be fine. Like seriously, how, how wrong could it be? We’re gonna need some cream of tartar, which I’ll just pop it in later…some salt Okay, now the fun part guys, the fun part. I got my oven preheated, but the fun part now is to break These eggs into here ting ting crack, ting ting crack ting ting Oooo, wooo Nice…very nice Okay we got our 4 egg whites here .

We’re gonna add some salt and cream of tartar and then beat the crap out of it Where is my mixer?? I don’t know where everything is.. WHERE IS MY MIXER?? So you gotta make sure that everything is really dry There’s no oil in it as well because that’s the end of the meringue if you have some oil or egg yolk in it. So we’re gonna add a quarter teaspoon Of cream of tartar. I normally use this when I bake my Pancakes, make my pancakes. Not bake my pancakes.

Let’s have a teaspoon of salt I’m not really sure why they add salt into like egg white Please tell me why.. Is it because it helps to dry up the mixture a little bit better? I don’t know. But we’re gonna beat this up. clang of beater and chloe’s hopes of peaceful cooking falling apart Oh my gosh I swear I can never cook peacefully.

Alright, let’s beat this Oh you’re supposed to beat it at normal speed though, like medium speed Now that it’s kind of fluffy, I’m gonna add my sugar grrWrrRRR This is an arm workout guys Make more meringues I’ll make such a mess when I’m cooking. Its looking really fluffy guys. I think this is ready. I didn’t actually add all my sugar I feel like I’m not gonna like it if it’s too sweet. So you gotta adjust it based on your palate I just don’t like things that are too sweet.

Now I’m just gonna fold everything In with a coloring. I got this from LA last year from Whole Foods Yes, and it’s expired. I’m just gonna use it, anyway. Just a little tiny bit of red. Ohh guys, I forgot about my vanilla extract. I’ll just add it in now. It’s okay.

It’s not the end of the world What the hell! Tiny bit Okay, maybe a little bit more gasp as a lot bit more pours out So I’m just gonna mix this in I think I did a really good job in beating this because it’s so fluffy guys, okay This is taking way too long It’s this worth it? Pretty sure it’ll be worth it.

So now we’re gonna put it into a piping bag, which I don’t have so I’m gonna use a ziplock bag I’ve never really piped stuff before so let’s hope that it works I haven’t baked much in the last couple of years and now that I have an oven I’m trying to be more creative. So I think what I’m supposed to do So, I think what I’m supposed to do is to cut a little hole over here and I have a little piping thing that I bought ages ago.

GASP The hole’s too big. I just wasted my ziplock baaag Can I use the other side? I think that will work. Okay, I think that’s better. I’m just gonna put everything in here. Wow, look at the amount of egg white we have over here. Maybe this is just too much. Oh snap snappy snappy-snap Got it all in. Oh, yeah, baby I think it looks pretty This will look very pretty.

What am I doing wrong? Look at that one Okay, I need to focus this is not looking pretty at all. Nobody’s gonna wanna watch this video now because my meringue looks ugly as **** All right You can do this Chloe. Just do it. Just smash this out But why is my meringue so ugly? We got a few pointy meringues over here Okay much better This head went all the way in and no wonder no wonder it wasn’t looking good So I’m gonna pop this in the oven first and I’m gonna make my second tray.

Hopefully that looks better intense meringue making music Oh that looks really pretty, that one! Ok maybe I should just make it small Like that…better oh Well, I give it to all the bakers out there. This is the workout guys I’m squatting right here. I think this batch is looking a little bit better like not the best But know ..cute and small Small and cute.. Like us small girls out there I hope that we.. you think that we are cute cause we are small Okay Off into the oven.

So for the rest of the egg yolk. Don’t throw it away use it for like other recipes like custard or carbonara I always make carbonara for my dinner after my lunch if I have any egg yolks left over don’t waste your food. So anyways, I made myself some white chocolate over here as you can see they look so amazing like look at them It’s so pretty There’s no sugar added. I mean there’s sweetener added .

So it’s just mostly fat in here and tastes so Good. Oh my god This white chocolate bar It’s too good to be true. Seriously. It tastes really good, the recipe is gonna be at the end of the video. So Check it out. I made it yesterday. And i was trying so hard not to eat it because I needed to take a photo with it excited Chloe noises The pistachio is amazing with it. Okay. Let’s make our next recipe So the next recipe we’re gonna make is high-protein yogurt parfait.

So I’m trying out this yogurt. It’s so high in protein There’s Chobani, which is very high in protein as well So I’m just gonna grab about 600 gram of this because I’m gonna make two portions. So it’s the whip yogurt parfait So it tastes a bit more airy and very nice.

I’m also gonna just add a little bit of this Just because this is a lot more watery and less in protein, but honestly I’m so bloated from eating all these yogurts. I’m not sure whether it is Because of the cultures because I haven’t had dairy yogurts for a long time My stomach is just being such a pain in the ass. Okay, so that’s about 700 grams.

You don’t have to make this much I just want to make sure I have a good portion for three. Now we’re gonna fluff this up By beating it. So from what I’ve read normally to make whipped yogurt You gotta use heavy cream, but I don’t have that. I do have this and apparently this really helps as well So I’m just gonna add a little bit of it That’s too much …that’s too much Oh my god its everywhere So if you want that whip you gotta use more heavy cream.

Now I’m just gonna use a real vanilla extract so it’s really just vanilla beans and I’m also gonna add a little bit of sweetener because all this yogurts are Non sweetened. I’m using monk fruit sweetener here. This one tastes really good. It doesn’t have any after taste in it. Mmm, so excited… This tastes really really good guys, I’m gonna split it because I want it to be on break. Well I can see that I can see that it’s a little bit whipped from here.

It’s like air bubbles in it So it’s a little bit lighter than just having yogurt by itself. You know what I mean Airy, so I’m just gonna have a bit of yogurt here. And the rest I’m just gonna add some superfood powder So just using any superfood powder that’s kind of pinkish or red.

So now I’ve got three mixtures ready They are the same. The only difference is the color and this is a glass I’m gonna use I have some strawberry jam down here and also some jelly up here They’re so easy to make they’re gonna be at the end of the video. So you just kind of stack them up I’m gonna add the darkest color How I’m gonna do this? I think I’ll use a smaller spoon.

I swear I had half of the yogurt while I was making it Anyway, I’m gonna add this first, this color first It’s just the darkest pink lop it in nicely. You don’t want to touch the side of the glass if you want it to look aesthetic That’s if you want it to look aesthetic. It’s not that important.

I’m just making it nice for the thumbnail All right That looks so nice Now you can put the second shade of pink. Now for the top layer we have just white ones. There you go It looks like frappuccino like pink Frappuccino. Oh my god! I burnt my meringue How did that happen? The oven went up to 180 degree Celsius by itself it burned my meringue I’m about to cry My meringue…it should not change the temperature by itself that does not make sense I’m really upset now, but whatever.

I got my nice parfait here now you can add some puff on top For that little bit of crunch .You can use any puffs to be honest It doesn’t have to be what I’m using right here. You can add some dried strawberries on top? Oh my god, that looks so gorgeous.

Girl my meringue You can add some pistachio for a pop of green. Some culinary flowers I’m being so extra nice. You don’t have to make it this pretty. You can use fresh strawberry too guys Like you don’t have to use the dried once that’s it It looks so pretty So I’m pretty upset about my meringue situation I’m gonna eat my yogurt now To make myself feel better Mmm, the strawberry jam is really sweet.

So it’s really nice Super high in protein try it out with dried strawberries If you want to, they add a little nice crunch to it and also the little puff here. Okay. So before I make my meringue again, I just want to show you guys how I make my daifuku my Easier healthier daifuku, I’ll say. So I have my strawberries here. And these are the bean paste that I made from scratch So they’re just red bean and mung beans.

So I’ve blended them really nicely They’re gonna be quite smooth and then you just wrapped your strawberries around it and your strawberry is just gonna taste a little bit Different, you know a little bit more fun. It looks cute. And you also get some protein from the beans So it’s a plus. So these are the ones that I’ve made already do the same for the other color So this is matcha flavoured mung bean Okay, so good seriously You gotta try this stuff.

I mean if you don’t like beans if you fart a lot from beans then don’t try it But if you don’t and if you want some protein with your fruits then you can try this one out and now all I have to do Is to cut them into half you can add some icing sugar if you want, but it’s really not necessary like This is good on its own. You don’t need icing sugar I totally destroyed this one, but this is how it is supposed to the look like.

It’s very cute Two hours later it is 5:30 now. This is my second batch of meringue which looks a lot better. Yeah, I think it’s pretty successful This one looks prettier the color looks prettier But the shape the shape is just all over the place. I’m so tired guys. I’m over it This is it. That’s it. Like I’m not gonna do any more.

This is the meringue that I’m gonna go with. All right. I’m just gonna give you an overview of what I have I have my strawberry daifuku if you like your strawberries, but you want a little bit of a protein punch in it Try this one out and the second one was this.

It doesn’t look that pretty in this lighting right now But it’s so good This is the high-protein yogurt parfait you could just keep adding those toppings because it adds a really nice crunch to it. If you want a vegan version you can always use coconut yogurt or almond yogurt and the Third recipe which is one of my favs.

I don’t even really like white chocolate because they are always too sweet. But this one It tastes really good because there’s a little bit of strawberries in there So it adds a bit of tartness to it and also it’s homemade so it tastes better okay the last oh I’m so annoyed by my meringue but this is the last one it doesn’t look as pink as I like it to be you know.. I wanted to be pinker not exactly pink as you can see and that’s it.

Wait, wait, wait, wait one more This is the high-protein panna cotta. I shared this in my previous what I eat in a day video So if you want to check out how to make this, it’s so easy guys. Like so easy check out the video It’s super silky and smooth and it’s a little bit ombre as well So those are the four recipes and this is the extra one that you can get in my other Post.

Okay, I’m going crazy I think I didn’t expect to take such a long time to film today’s recipes that’s it for today’s Post I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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