How To Equip Yourself For The “Corona Era”

The simple thing is just this: hot water, a little bit of honey, a little bit of turmeric. The Harvard University, they’re conducting a research on, “How the yoga practitioners are, they’re surviving better?” It will boost the immune system, butat the same time, it’s like a gauge.

So those of you who are looking for a magicwand, way out of the virus situation, there is no magic wand. Very conscientious, responsible, steps are needed, once we relax the lockdown anybody’s guess. Till now most of us have been protected by isolating ourselves. Now when we have to step out, this is when the real challenge happens.

This is when really, “How responsible andsensible we are?” matters. After the lockdown is overwhen the economic process begins, the best thing you can do is: how toenhance the immunity in your system. We can give you a protocolhow to maintain this. One thing is strict maintenance of socialdistancing, this must become your religion.

Okay, that is if you’re religious, I’m sayingotherwise this must become your sadhana. So before you go for your morning sadhana, you must take eight to twelve leaves and put it in your mouth, chew it and keep it in your mouth. It’s very important. It’s in your mouth. It’s most effective when its in your mouth region. So you must keep it in your mouth, chew itfor one to two hours.

Let it be there. Don’t wash it up.Don’t drink it down. Let it just be there in the mouth.Do you sadhana with that. Turmeric balls everyday mixing up, consumethis in the morning and leave it in the stomach before youeat anything at least for one hour. Another thing is this is the amla season thatis the nelikkai for Kannada people the bettadh So right now the season is on, not those huge,you know golf ball kind of amla, that is all hybrid amla that is also okay if you don’t find anything else.

But otherwise, what grows in the hills is only this size. You just smash one amla and put a little salton it and just chew it. You must keep it in your mouth and it’s mosteffective once again in your mouth. It must be just in your mouth for one or two hours. This simple things will greatly enhance your immune system. See there are many traditional things whichwe can do to you know, boost our immunity. You know, the last thirty-nine years thatI am in this public life.

Almost every day I have some public event, some event which I am committedto large groups of people. But in this thirty-nine years, in all thistravel, I have not canceled a single event because I am not well, the simple thing that we do when, when we see that we are exposed to infections when we’re traveling, if we see there are viral infections or influenza going on, All these years of my visits to the United States, I don’t catch influenza when it’s running rampantly all over.

The simple thing is just this hot water, alittle bit of honey, a little bit of turmeric, and if it is possible, some pudina or coriander in it a little bit. Right now this is what we are doing to all the police personnel and the medical personnel in our region. We are providing them what is called as Neelavembu kashayam which works very well. We did this across Tamil Nadu when the dengue fever was on, it made a big difference insteadof drinking just plain water.

If they just drink this as a part of theirthing, I think it will definitely help. It has helped me. I’m just telling you grandmother’s stuff, not medical stuff, okay. But it’s worked. It worked for my grandmother, it worked for me. The only way is to enhance our immune system. The only way is to behavesocially in a responsible manner. This is the way forward and it’s a new worldat least for the next one or two years. It is going to be a different world than what we have lived in.

Right now, many things are being done. One aspect is the Harvard University in collaboration with the Beth Israel Hospital, Medical Centre in the United States together, they are conducting researchon how the yoga practitioners’ people have been doing some yogic practices,“How do they respond to a virus like this? What is their resilience? Are they surviving better?” I am hundred percent sure they are surviving better, but we need what to say medical evidence for this, but I am hundred percent sure.

Because I have not heard of a single caseof any of our meditators dying. Some of them have lost their parents, agedrelatives, but not meditators, related. So, yoga doesn’t come through blood. You got to do it. You, that’s the only problem with the damn thing. It works miraculously, but you have to do it. (Yoga yoga yogeshwaraya chant) So, what we’re doing this simple mantra, you must understand, what we are calling as a mantra is just a certain geometry of sounds, if properly uttered, will, this mantra is particularly designed togenerate what is called as samat prana. There are five dimensions ofprana vayu in the system.

Samat prana is that which is in charge ofrespiratory process and the thought process and it generates heat. Well, the prana vayu is fundamentally in chargeof respiration and thought process, but without the fire of samat prana, prana vayu cannot function. So, this is why any kind of kriya or pranayama that you do, first thing is to generate some heat, because without generating the ushna,the other dimensions cannot really fly. So one thing is to generate heat because thiswill also greatly enhance one’s immune system.

Let us not think that now I’m doing my kriyaso I can go out irresponsibly. No, I never said your kriya or your mantrais a solution for Corona, it is not. It strengthens your system. Well, building up immunity is not going tohappen overnight, this we must know, I would say, in four to eight weeks one can see significantbetterment of one’s immune system. So, this package of the mantra and the IshaKriya which will bring balance to your system, let us make use of it for our well-being.

In the yogic sciences, there are various thingsone can do to enhance one’s immune system. In terms of practices, we have put out a verysimple powerful process called, “Simha Kriya”. This is a kind of process, one thing is itwill boost the immune system another thing is it is it involves your breath in a certain way. Suppose you start doing it today after a week’stime, if you find some difficulty in doing it, you clearly know you have some respiratorystuff, even before other symptoms show up.

Even before other symptoms with which you normally, medically recognize even before that you will see you will not be able to do the practice. The moment there is some kind of respiratory cause. This viral being you know, being a very respiratory related thing. It will be very useful if you’re doing thepractice every day twice a day, it will boost the immune system.But at the same time, it’s like a gauge.

If you suddenly can’t do it one day, you know there is something wrong with your function of your respiratory system. Most people develop relationship with the soil only after they die. But it’s very important to develop relationshipwith the soil when you’re alive. I would say especially now, with this virus around, believe me, those of you who are in some way in contact with the soil. Here we call this, “prithvi prema seva” that means getting involved with the soil in a very loving manner.

Well, your ability to live, your ability to resist these kind of invasions upon your life will be greatly, greatly enhanced. It’s not just enough, if you live, it’s important that you live strong. Living strong does not mean you growbig muscles and dominate somebody. Living strong means here life happens big. For this, you need a body which treats theentire planet as its extension, which it is.

So it’s very important that you bring this,all of you who are here at the Isha Yoga Center, we will set up some processes for you so thatevery one of you at least once in three days, your hands and feet are in the soil, very important. And wherever, wherever else you are, if youhave a small patch of a garden, or you can volunteer that you will work in somebody else’s garden.

Believe me, yes, they will get free laborbut don’t think they are getting more. You’re getting much more because you beingconnected with the soil will make a phenomenal difference For your, for the way your physical body functions. Put your hands into the soil, very important.

Otherwise, those of you who are too well todo but don’t want to be seen doing any work because it may create a wrong image for youraffluence, you can have a mud bath. Yes, that is also one way. This will do wonders for you. So if you maintain these protocols very easilyyou can enhance your immune system because ultimately that’sthe only way you have.

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