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Hi everyone. I’m here today to talk to you about my daily hair care regime. It sounds simple, I know. But there are so many different methods, routines, and myths out there that I thought I’d talk you through mine, which is Lather, Condition, Treatment, and Style.

So, obvious, I know, butalways start with a rinse. You want to get thetemperature quite warm here, because it opensup all of the cuticles, and it gets all of thedirt and the oil moving. But be careful. You don’t want it to be too warm. I think just above bodytemperature is fine. And once you’ve done your rinse, youthen want to go into your shampoo.

Now I tend to find I use enoughjust to fill the palm of my hand. You don’t need much more than that. Because you get really great latheron that and really good coverage. So I tend to find youwant to start at the roots and that will run naturallydown to the ends anyway. But you want to avoid this circularmotion as much as possible.

Because what that doesis it knots your hair, and it’s just another problemto deal with afterwards. So you want to get a really good lather. Kind of work that in for about30 seconds to a minute, I think should be fine. But you don’t need toomuch more than that. Because you can actually encourageyour scalp to produce more oils, which is strange but true.

So once you’ve got yourwhole hair covered, you want to start with a rinse. So starting at the top, you’vegot gravity on your side here. So wet right in at theroots, and that’s just going to run out naturallythrough to the ends. If your hair is slightlylonger, you might want to run your handsjust through your hair so you can get the water into the roots.

If your hair is really,really greasy, you’re going to want to repeat thosesteps, but no more than twice. I think that should be plenty. The next step is your conditioner. Quite a lot of people missthis out of their routine. But I find that I love my hair, so I’mgoing to treat it like I do my skin. And conditioner is kind of likeyour moisturizer for your hair.

So you want to squeeze thewater out of your hair. It’s completely different to shampoo. You don’t want your hairto be too wet for this. I use the same amount aswhat I do for shampoos. If your hair is longer, use a bit more. If it’s shorter, use a little bit less. But you want to spreadit out across your hands fast before just puttingit straight onto your head. And you want to focus on the middleto end sections of your hair.

The hair closest to the scalpis newer, so it’s already in quite good condition. Whereas, from the middle tothe ends, the hair is older. So you’re going toneed to condition that. I tend to find that I smooth it throughthe hair, rather than massaging.

Because you’re not goingto get a lather like you do with shampoo, because it’sconditioning agents, rather than cleansing agents. Now, I’m quite methodicalabout how I do this. So I start on one side, and Igo right through to the other to make sure I’ve coveredevery single strand. And I want to leave it infor as long as possible.

So I do my face wash and my bodywash and leave the conditioner in. And then once you’re finished withthat, now it’s time for the rinse. So this, again, is different. Turn the temperatureright down for this, because I find it locksin all of the moisture, and I like the feelingat the end of the shower. So now it’s time for your dry and style.

Try to avoid a vigoroustowel movement for this, because that’s just a recipefor breakage on your hair. I find I put my hair up ina towel, and then there’s no risk of any water resting on myshoulders and causing any spots. Next is time for the blow-dry.

Now I know it’s quicker tojust turn the heat right up, but that is going to dry my scalp out. So I take the heat right down. It takes a minute or two longer,but it’s anything to stop that dry, tight feeling you get in your scalp. Now, obviously, you’re going to wantto style that as you’re going along. So try to use your handsto make the parting.

And I think if you’re going forthat straight out of bed look, then there’s no need to worry. But if you are needing a bitmore styling help with that, then try and use a soft brush insteadof dragging a comb across your scalp. So whatever you do,you want to make sure that your hair is bone dry before youreach for anything like straightening irons or curling tongs. Because hot irons on wet hair isjust going to cause so much damage.

And actually, I’ve heard that it canboil the water inside the hair strand, so you just don’t want that. And I try to avoid usingcurling tongs or straighteners every single day, if possible. And when I do, I turnthe heat right down. Because all of that heat on your hairis going to cause a lot of damage. But there are some sprays and balms youcan use to help protect against heat. So next step is using styling products.

So this is hard ifyou’ve got a dry scalp, and it’s a really personal thing. For me, it took me threeyears to find a hair spray that didn’t dry my scalp out. So it’s what works for you. But I hope that this has been helpful.

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