How To Treat Fungal Infection

Hello everyone If you are suffering from fungal infection And your suffering it from months and years And if your fungal infection recurring again and again And in your family all are suffering From fungal infection, small children to big adults.

I will tell you treatment, I will tell you abt fungal infection And most important part is Reason or cause of fungal infection If you avoid theses reasons, you will get 20 % cured So listen the reasons carefully Fungal infection occur in any part of body Face, abdomen, armpit, groins Genial organs.

It may occur in any part of body Most common body parts are Armpit, groin In sex organs Neck Elbow Are most common place for fungal infection Becoz these part of body have maximum amount of moisture Different different People have different kinds of fungal infection Most common is ring shape …. Irregular Black patch.

Lets talk abt reasons of fungal infection In our skin 24*7 fungal, bacteria, virus Are present, in our skin Becteria fungus and virus are present …… Right now these are also present on my skin But question is why i am not affected frm it And others people are not effected by ityou you guys are suffering from this The reason behind this is really very important When these bacteria, virus and fungus Present on our skin, get favourable Environment Or environment according to them.

Then they attack on our skin And cause fungal infection Let use know abt that favourable environment Excessive sweating Low level of hygiene Hygiene is very important If you not maintain hygine, of you body, home Not taking regular bath Not caring abt skin Not able to moisturise your skin with oils It will cause fungal infection And most important is you immunity.

If you are suffering from low immunity There is maximum chance of getting fungal infection There are many reasons for low immunity, like improper nutrition If you are not talking proper nutrition And your body is deficient in nutrition and skin is not getting nutrient This will cause Fungal infection If you are taking proper nutrition, and you still get fungal infection.

That’s means your digestive system Is not working properly And that is why your not getting proper Nutrition and your body is not absorbing them And skin is not getting it properly Skin is longest organ of our body And is very important And is called as 1st line of defence In medical terminology So if we not maintain proper hygine of our skin And not give proper nutrition to skin.

Then this st line of defence will become weak And leads To fungal infection and many more skin disease Second important reason for low immunity is Stress If you guys are taking lots of stress Then your immunity will definitely towards lower side So plz avoid taking Stress, i will also tell in treatment.

Lets talk abt treatment There is 3 part of this treatment 1st is to avoid all reason and cause of fungal infection If you don’t remember them Plz listen them again And avoid them Also avoid taking milk and milk products Until your treatment stops 2nd is to boost up your immunity I will tell some medication for boosting immunity But much effective is To maintain proper nutrition Keep your digestion strong And do exercise daily Exercise is most important for Boosting immunity.

Do regular 15 to 20 minutes exercise And your immunity will become awesome Do yoga everyday It will aslo boost your immunity 20% treatment is to avoid reasons of fungal infection 40% good immunity will do the work 40% medicine will do the job.

Lets talk abt medicine Tab gandhak wati 2 tablets Morning and evening Tab Sanshamani wati 2tab morning and evening Giloye satv 500 mg morning and evening And for local Application Gandhak oil For local Application Frm market Eranf oil for local Application ….. At day time use erand oil And at night use gandhak oil On effected area.

So use these oil for local Application And use haritaki chura 1/2 spoon at night With lukewarm water Every night before going to sleep If your not able to use harad churan Then take 1 to 3 spoon of trfla chauran At night before going to sleep These are all medication You have to done all these 3 step to remove fungal infection permanently So olz follow These 3 points to get rid of this fungal infection.

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