The beauty of the body is as important as its health. Our hair are the crowing glory of our beauty. People who are bald know the pain of baldness. I keep getting comments and people also ask me, “Please suggest some treatment of growing hair according to Ayurveda”.

For people who have are completely bald, and the hair follicles, from where hair grows, have been blocked. What should one do in such a situation? I often avoid answering and ask them to come later, in some free time and that I am busy at the moment.

I have never paid much attention to such matters. People, nevertheless ask about the remedy in Ayurveda about the do’s and don’ts. Although the experiment that I will suggest has not been tried by me. Since I have hair, how can I try this? I have not tried this on anyone else either.

You may object by saying that if I have not tried this on someone, then why am I suggesting this at all? This is an experiment given by our ancestors in their books that have been passed on to me. It is described in those books. Sometimes I study these texts, and I saw that this remedy is mentioned in those texts.

Although I have tried experimenting in different ways, Those experiments are done by observing in person, we try to assess the root cause of the problem, as to why the problem may have occurred. Hairfall doesn’t always indicate that there is a problem with the hair.

There may be a problem with the organ of the body, which reflects in our appearance, like hairfall or wrinkles or skin tags on the neck. These are all the signs indicating that one or the other organ in the body has some problem.

Hairfall indicates that you have taken a lot of stress and have lived an indisciplined and an unbalanced life, with irregular sleep times and mealtimes and no fixed routine. They neglect themselves and lead stressful lives, often causing hairfall.

Although people may attribute this to the hereditary and genetic nature, this is a different matter. The cause starts from somewhere leading to hairfall. While asking whether this remedy is effective or not, one must appreciate the fact, that if my teachers have noted these experiments and have passed them to me, then if these have been mentioned then there must be a reason. You will have to try and see for yourself the result, as these are very inexpensive home remedies.

If you feel that this benefits you, then that’s your fate. It is my responsibility not to keep you in dark. You may say that it benefitted a few, while not benefitting others, because often the root cause of the problem lies inside. Until that is corrected…I will have a discussion on that some other day, as to what causes partial or total baldness? It is a long procedure. It needs a complete rejuvenation of the body.

It is very difficult to completely revive the body. The experiment that I am going to share with you is very effective, since it was handed over to me by my ancestors, which I do not consider otherwise. I believe it is right because whatever has been mentioned in the texts has an objective. I will most certainly tell you.

You try it for yourself and update me about the results. You will need 3-4 ingredients. The first ingredient you need are lemon seeds. You may keep aside the lemon seeds from lemons used over 2-4 days. In case you are using lemons to prepare lemonade or using lemons in any other way. Separate the seeds.

Take 10-15 lemon seeds. No need to dehydrate it too much, though that will also work. When you are able to get fresh seeds, then why use old ones? Take 10-15 lemon seeds. Hand-grind these in a small mortar-pestle. Make it into a fine paste, which takes about 1 to 1.5 minutes. After grinding, squeeze a lemon into it. In the lemon seed paste, squeeze a lemon. To this paste, add 2-3 teaspoons gram flour .

Besan is the flour of Gram (Chana) Ready-made gram flour available in the stores may also be used. Or you may grind the gram. That way, you will grind the gram peel as well. If you don’t want to grind the gram, then ready-made gram flour is also doable. Take all these three ingredients and lightly mix them together. If needed, then as a fourth ingredient, you may add a little water.

Just enough water in order to form a paste. Whisk this paste for about 1.5 to 2 minutes, so as to get an even consistency, and become uniform. Before you apply this paste to a bald person, in the morning, wipe his head with a moist cloth, to remove any grime or sweat. Apply this paste to the bald areas of the head, in cases of partial or total baldness.

After applying, leave it on taking care to stay away from windy places, otherwise it will dry up faster. Meanwhile, you may engage in your daily morning chores, like brushing your teeth or any other daily chore spanning 30-45 minutes, chores that you do before having a bath You need to keep this paste on till it completely dries off.

It takes about 45-75 minutes to dry completely. It is easier to apply this for an hour in the morning after you wake up, while you brush, freshen up or doing other chores or while doing Pranayama, or while doing some light exercises. You may engage in any routine. On drying up, after about an hour, you will wash it.

After washing this paste off and after having a bath, it is important that you take some good coconut oil, commonly as we all know, and add an equal quantity of lemon juice to it. You will need fresh lemon juice and not the previously squeezed. Mixing equal quantity of lemon juice and coconut oil, apply few drops (5-10 drops) to your scalp after bath, just about enough to avoid dripping Massage it on the scalp all over, covering bald and other hairy areas.

I am blessed with hair with God’s grace. Those who don’t have hair can apply this mixture. People who have lost hair from the front, can massage with this mixture there. Where baldness has not occurred, while you may apply oil to those parts, do avoid applying the paste to those parts, else it will get sticky, which is not right.

Apply it to places with no hair presence. Where the hair follicles are blocked, this is caused by the elevation of the Vata causing disturbance in the Doshas which blocks the hair follicles. When you apply the paste of lemon seeds, gram flour and lemon juice to these parts that will help open up the hair follicles.

It depends on your body, if it allows for regrowth or not. Follicles will open up but for regrowth, you will need ‘Bhringraj Powder’ or can drink Bhringraj juice. I had shared in one of my videos. Bhringraj tablet is also available. You may have that. 30 minutes to an hour after meals, you may have Bhringraj Aasav (Aasavarishta), twice a day.

You have to regularly follow this for a minimum period of 3-4 months. You may begin to start observing the results after about two months, as per my judgement. The different kinds of hair treatment that we prescribe for the hair, for example, many times we prepare a mixture of cow urine and tobacco and we apply it, that also helps some people with hair regrowth.

You must try this experiment patiently and regularly for a minimum period of two months. If you get good results after that period, then you may continue the experiment. It is described in the texts to follow this experiment for 4-5 months.

I wished to share this information with you. You try this for yourself and give your feedback, so in future, we can find out how effective this is, In what weather conditions and on what kind of people does it work and also where this is not showing results.

Accordingly we will work on it’s solution. It’s not a hassle to put in efforts for people who are interested in hair regrowth. In a way, this experiment is certified and you cannot falsify it. because the knowledge handed down from our ancestors is not otherwise.

Without doubt, there are a hundred thousand tips, which are not possible for me to try. You try it for yourself and let me know the results later. That is all for today. Goodbye

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